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Oct 14, 2014

Coldingham Luckenbooth wins Berwickshire Civic Society 2014 Architectural Award:

Oct 14, 2014
Tell us what you think.  The Society would like its members to give their views on how they would like to see the Society develop.
Oct 14, 2014

The 2014 AGM was  held on Monday 22nd September  at the newly restored Bughtrig House by kind permission of Mr and Mrs William Ramsay.  


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Oct 14, 2014

AGM held at Bughtrig House

The 2014 AGM was  held on Monday 22nd September  at the newly restored Bughtrig House by kind permission of Mr and Mrs William Ramsay.  


The Chairman reported that the Society had had a busy and active year. As a non –statutory consultant to the head of Planning and Regulatory Services of Scottish Borders Council, the Society had commented on 86 planning applications.  The Chairman thanked Alan Hedley, Alan Torrance and Robin Kent for all their work in this area.

Much of the planning applications continue to be concerned with large scale wind turbine developments.  The Society’s wind farm committee, chaired by Mark Rowley, were pleased to report considerable success in opposing such developments with include Brunta Hill, Corsbie Moor and the long awaited refusal of the Rowantree wind farm.  The Chairman said much of this success was the dedication of a number of the Society’s members and local groups who include local landowners, Community Councils and response groups.  The Chairman thanked Mark Rowley for his tireless effort in this role.

The Society is in part a lobbying society and we can achieve our aims by influencing others.  Groups like ours exist to iron out the wrinkles of policies that effect our environment. The mandate is our membership and we stand a better chance or achieving our aims with a stronger membership.  With more people we can do more.  The Chairman urged members to encourage the next generation to join up.  We would like more members and to encourage existing members to get involved by becoming committee members.

The Society's President Brigid, Lady McEwen, thanked everyone for working extremely hard to keep the Society flourishing.  The Chairman,Mr Matthew Gibb agreed to stay on and all office bearers were voted back in. JudyTorrance as acting Vice Chair. Judy Torrance will continue as HonorarySecretary and Robin Lindsay as Honorary Treasurer.  The committee were unanimously re-elected. 

Society members were able to view the  magnificant restoration of the house that the Ramsay family had undertaken in the last two years.  Mr Ramsay gave a brief presentation outling the history of Bughtrig and the recent restoration work, which included repostioning the main staircase, creating new vistas in the house by rearranging the rooms and doorways and moving the dining room back to the first floor. The design also incorporated new terraces to bring the house and garden closer together.


The Chairman also announced the winner of the 2014 Berwickshire
Civic Society Architectural Award.