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Oct 14, 2014

Coldingham Luckenbooth wins Berwickshire Civic Society 2014 Architectural Award:

Oct 14, 2014
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Oct 14, 2014

The 2014 AGM was  held on Monday 22nd September  at the newly restored Bughtrig House by kind permission of Mr and Mrs William Ramsay.  


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Oct 14, 2014

Architectural award

Coldingham Luckenbooth wins Berwickshire Civic Society 2014 Architectural Award:


The awards were presented at the Society’s 2014 AGM on Monday 22nd September.


The Berwickshire Civic Society Awards were launched in 2007 and unlike other awards,  entries for the Berwickshire Civic Society Architectural Awards are selected by local people. Chairman of the Society Matthew Gibb said:  “We have been delighted with the response to the Award this year.  Each entry had deserving qualities but three of the entries were felt to be outstanding: Bughtrig, Horseupcleugh near Longformacus and the Coldingham Luckenbooth. The decision as to which one should receive the Award proved extremely difficult because each was so different.”


“In the end the judges had to make a difficult decision with so many projects of such high quality on the shortlist this year. After much deliberation we decided that we would like to award special commendations to Bughtrig and Horseupcleugh and commendations to Coldingham Priory and Kimmerghame Water Tower, but that the Berwickshire Civic Society Architectural Award this year should go to the Coldingham Luckenbooth.”


Allan Swan from Bain Swan Architects received the award on behalf of the Coldingham Luckenbooth project.  Speaking at the AGM Mr Swan said, "The Coldingham Luckenbooth was a community project that was driven by the potential loss of the village Post Office. Its continued presence in the village was seen as critical for the local community and was enhanced by the addition of visitor facilities and income generating functions to support it."


Opened in 2012,the project was praised by the Society for its contribution to the local heritage, its bold use of colourful vernacular materials and design details that enhance its setting in the Square at Coldingham.   The judges also highlighted the very positive contribution this building made to the village as a multi functional Post Office, museum, tourist information centre and café.